Home Space Heaters DeLonghi TRD40615T Portable Space Heater: The Complete Review

DeLonghi TRD40615T Portable Space Heater: The Complete Review

When the winter season comes, the first thing that always comes to people’s minds is how to stay warm all the time. While you can achieve this with stuff like wool socks, slippers, and fuzzy fleeces, sometimes they still don’t do the complete job, and in this case, all you need is a space heater. The benefit of purchasing a space heater can never be outnumbered, but the dilemma here is getting the best in the market. DeLonghi TRD40615T is among the best heaters you will find in the market. Many reviewers give this heater a five-star. It works effectively in keeping you warm and comfortable. This article comprises all you need to know about the heater and why you should consider buying one.

DeLonghi TRD40615T Portable Space Heater: The Complete Review

Why you should buy the DeLonghi TRD40615T space heater

The heater saves money: Purchasing this space heater is an excellent way of saving money. It consumes less energy, and you will save your utility bills with the heater. 

Does not need installation: The cost of installing a heater makes many homes not purchase a heater, but this heater does not require installation, and also, it does not need any complex mechanism to provide heat. 

Effective heating: This space heater is designated to warm an enclosed space, making it more effective and efficient than other heating systems

Portability: This is one of the benefits that most customers enjoy in a space heater. The heater is lightweight, you can carry it around from room to room and heat the area, and the heater can even be used outdoors, thanks to the preassembled, patented smart snap wheels.

Item Specification

  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Item Weight: 24 pounds
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimension: 16 × 6.5 × 25 inches

Features of The DeLonghi TRD40615T Explained

Anti-Freeze Setting: One of the fantastic features of this heater is the anti-freeze setting that usually turns on automatically when the room temperature drops and to prevent frozen pipes

Programmable Timer: Warm your living space when you want it. The programmable timer allows you to turn on/off your heater according to your need.

Adjustable Thermostat: Another important feature of this heater is the adjustable thermostat that allows you to program your heater the way you want.

Steel Design: Whether you have modern home decor or traditional decor, this heater will surely match your home decor

Multiple Heat Control: One of the primary benefits of purchasing this heater is the multiple heat control feature that allows you to set your heater either low, medium, or high, depending on your desire; you will get heat at your fingertips.

Constant Heat Supply: This heater is the best solution for homes needing a steady heat supply, especially during the cold season. It can perfectly heat a room to 144 square feet.

Patented Thermal Chimneys: The patented thermal chimneys amazingly are engineered to increase the heat flow simultaneously maintaining a lower surface temperature

Quiet Operation: 1500 watts and 5,120 BTU, the heater entirely operate in silence, you will have a comfortable supply of warmth in your room without any disturbance

Accessible to Use: You don’t need to try hard to use this heater. All the controls are easy to understand and operate.

  • The heater features thermal chimneys that maximize heat flow
  • It saves energy and money
  • The heater does not come with a remote control

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DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater Heater-Mechanical-TRD40615T, 10'w x 15'd x 26'h, White
999 Reviews
DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater Heater-Mechanical-TRD40615T, 10"w x 15"d x 26"h, White
  • Please Note this product doesn’t come with a remote.
  • For rooms up to (square feet): 144. The cable is 6 feet long
  • 1500 watts of heating power, silent operation
  • Best for medium to large rooms that need constant heat in the colder seasons
  • High quality, patented steel assembly permanently sealed oil reservoir never needs refilling

Performance Comparison

While you need to be refilling other heaters constantly, this great heater has a permanently sealed oil reservoir that does not require any refill, saving you a lot of energy.

While you have to keep some products after they get spoiled, this heater comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty that you can return the product when it gets a problem within the period.

When purchasing a heater, the first thing that most customers check is durability. Please rest assured, this heater will last many lifetimes without spoiling, which is mostly absent in other products.

While you will be left to think of how to use other products, this heater comes with a user manual instruction book that guides you on using the heater without any stress.

The heater features digital controls, which are absent in the previous models.


  • Does the heater turn on automatically when it is plugged in?

Yes, the power comes on when the heater is plugged in, but then this heater model has a timer that can be set at all times.

  • Is the heater safe, and is it hot to touch?

Yes, it’s safe to touch and warm well, but avoid touching the heater when the power is high.

  • How large space does the heater warm?

The heater can effectively heat a space up to 144 square feet, which can heat a 12 × 12 feet room. You can even use the heater to heat a larger area at the expense of your utility bills.

  • What kind of floor surface best fits the heater?

You can keep the heater on any floor surface, including; wood, carpet, vinyl, or concrete floors, without any issues.

  • Where to get it?

You can get the heater from Amazon at an affordable price of $119

Final Thought

As temperature drops during that cold season, a space heater could be a helpful home appliance, serving as a fast and economical way of warming the house. The De’Longhi TRD40615T is a portable heater that allows you to bring adequate warmth to any room in your home. With great features, including an anti-freeze setting, adjustable thermostat, multiple heat controls, and many more, you will enjoy a warm environment and forget all winter worries. Purchase this heater today and cut your utility bills. Provide your home with the right room temperature when you need it.