What comes to mind when you hear about the De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Flat Panel Electric Space Heater? The low-profile design of the heater added uniqueness to it. A heater is the best solution to create warmth, especially during those cold days. This heater is a convenient and affordable supplement for your home. In this review, we will talk about the fantastic features, specifications, the pros and cons of the item, and what makes it stand among others in the market.

Quick Guide

De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Flat Panel Electric Space Heater review

De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Flat Panel Electric Space Heater Specifications

  • 1500 watts
  • 5120 but’s 
  • Wall-mountable design 
  • Thermal cutoff
  • Castor wheels 
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Anti-freezing settings 
  • Country of origin: China 
  • Weight: 18.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 75×82×55 inches 
De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding/Easy Install Wall Mount, LED Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, EcoEnergy Saving Mode, White
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De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding/Easy Install Wall Mount, LED Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, EcoEnergy Saving Mode, White
  • Full Room Warmth: Packs 1500 watts of heating power for full room comfort
  • Sleek Look: Whether set on the floor or mounted to the wall, Slim Style by De'Longhi is the most beautiful way to stay warm
  • Instant Warmth: Dual Fan System fills room with heat quickly
  • Convenient Wall Mount: Safe and easy to mount on any wall with included kit
  • Personalized Comfort: Customize to your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings

De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Heater Features Explained

  • Wall-mounted or freestanding 

This unique device can be kept the way you want, and these special features reduce the installation cost, risk, making the item easy to program and environmentally friendly.

  • Timer

You will save some percentage of energy with this feature. When you install the timer, it will keep your heater off when the temperature of your room is at the desired speed and will save you utility bills.

  • Eco energy mode
Eco energy mode

These fantastic features allow you to conserve energy and optimize your power. You can choose whether to leave your heater on or off depending on the heating range. This feature is the most energy-efficient that saves your energy at 99.9%. It provides an adjustment to your heater and changes the shift point. It keeps utility bills helping you to get a better fuel economy in your home.

  • Adjustable thermostat 

Although you can aim to leave your temperature constant, instead of warming your house while away, this item has a unique feature that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your need. This will help lower your energy bills. And this will give you an alert when parts of your heater need to be checked or replaced.

  • Heats full room 

This is the best solution for you; the item can heat larger rooms evenly and has safety features for your protection.

  • Convection panel 

This feature allows the heater to warm your room quickly and quite. It draws cold air over the heating element then passes it back into the room. This is the most effective and efficient form of heating you will come across.

  • Led digital display

Led digital displays are reliable technology that is recognized globally. And it is programmable, this feature makes the item durable, giving you a quality warmth, makes your heater a low energy consumption device, and you can increase the power of the led display. 

  • Dual fan

It is always known that a heater that uses a fan is the most reliable heater and convenient to use and will increase your energy efficiency. This feature allows your heater to deliver warmth fast and quiet.

  • Safety measure 

The heater passes all safety checklists, including electrical risk, climate change risk, winter risk, and many more. 

  • Warranty 

Warranty is always known to increase customer confidence in purchasing a product and protect both parties. It gives a customer assurance that the product they are purchasing is of good quality. This unique item has three years warranty that when it gets spoilt within this period, you can return it to be checked or replaced as far as the issue is from the manufacturing system. 

  • Increase your energy efficiency

One of the goals of this item is to reduce the amount of energy spent on home appliances. This item is designated to save energy and provide a comforting and warm environment.

Performance Comparison

The item comes with a user manual guild and product documentation for easy installment and operation, always absent in some products.

While other products are not environmentally friendly, the led digital display of this item makes it user and environmentally friendly and adds lifespan to your device.

While some heaters are expensive, this product is affordable and will deliver the same or similar functions as any other space heater.

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Pros and Cons

  • The item has a dual heating system
  • It is capable of heating your home in complete silence.
  • It can stand free and can also be mounted to the wall depending on which one you are comfortable with.
  • Can effectively heat an ample room space evenly.
  • It has an excellent design, is clean and modernized.
  • It takes only a little space.
  • The exterior is safe to touch.
  • It has eco mode settings and an adjustable thermostat to put the temperature according to your need.
  • The item is lightweight.
  • Sometimes, it cannot be safely mounted to the wall.
  • You might experience a manufacturer error sometimes.
  • The fans might be slightly faulty in some cases.


Stay cozy and save your energy with De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Flat Panel Electric Space Heater that can stand free or mount to the wall. It has 1500watts of power that allows it to heat an ample living space. It passes all safety measures, has an adjustable thermostat, eco-energy mode, led display, and a unique dual fan system. Your home will remain comfortable and inviting once you install this item.

Where to get it 

The De Longhi 1500 Watt Convection Flat Panel Electric Space Heater is available on Amazon, and the customer care representative is always ready for your complaints and inquiries. Make an order today and receive your item in good quality and condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the item come with a remote control?

A. No, the item has its operating buttons attached, so it doesn’t come with remote control. 

Q. Can I use the heater only without the fan?

A. Yes, the heater can be used as a stand-alone. But for a better experience, make use of the fan.

Q. Can the heater be left running for a long time?

A. Although it can regulate itself, it is not advisable to keep the heater running for longer than 24hours. And it’s always better to turn it off when you are not at home.