Let me tell you about one of the best Ashley Hearth Products you’ll love in the cold period this year. We all know winter is coming, and as much as it is the season to play in the snow with family, your friends, build a snowman” competitions, sit around a bonfire sipping on hot cocoa, and eat Smores, or probably going snowboarding. Winter is also the season where over one thousand people in the US alone die of cold or freeze to death annually. For this reason, the importance of sweaters, jackets, and even heating systems cannot be overemphasized—anything to ensure that you and your household stay warm during the cold season.

If you are interested in purchasing a heater or heating system for your family to ensure their safety and comfort this winter, then The 17,000 BTU natural gas heater is the most recommended product for you to use.

Quick Guide:

The 17,000 Btu Natural Gas Heater By Ashley Hearth Products

17,000 Btu Natural Gas Heater Specifications

Below are some of the specifications:

  • Coverage: 570 square feet 
  • BTU rating: 17,000
  • Installation: Required 
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Item Weight: 57.3 Pounds. 
  • Dimension: 6.75 x 17.75 x 20 inches
Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Propane Heater, Cream
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Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Propane Heater, Cream
  • 17,000 BTU heat input heats up to 570 sq. ft.
  • Designed for use with liquid propane gas
  • Sealed burn system is perfect for bedrooms and living spaces
  • Matchless Piezo lighting for quick starts
  • No complicated venting to purchase or install, complete kit is included (includes heat shield, vent pipe, air intake pipe, flashing, cap and connecting rod)

The Ashley Hearth Products 17000 Btu: In-Depth Review

Ashley Hearth Products

The 17,000 BTU natural gas heater has a heat coverage of about 570 square feet and uses liquid propane gas as its fuel. It has a 17000 BTU input. Its sealed burn system makes the Ashley the perfect heater to be used in your bedrooms, living rooms, and generally all living spaces. Also, this peculiar feature makes it safe to use in your children’s room. Additionally, this natural gas heater is also ideal for use in modular and mobile homes. As a matter of conviction, this DVAG17L product from Ashley Hearth is the best solution for zoned heating, and this is because it has a space-saving direct vent furnace design so you can mount it on an exterior wall. When this happens, the adjustable vent assembly will adjust to fit walls that are 4.5 inches thick to 10 inches thick.

Operating this home heater is relatively easy. It can be started or lighted quickly using the matchless Piezo lighting that comes with it.

Most relevantly, the gas flames that provide the heat are completely sealed inside the heater to ensure that the user always has clean and comfortable heat wherever and whenever they want. Hence, there won’t be any contact with gas emissions inside the room and its air. 

As it works, the air required for combustion is taken directly into the heating chamber through the vents present, and the combustion-end product is sent outside through the vents. Through all these processes, only gentle and clean heat is delivered into the room through continuous circulation. 

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Features Explained 


The 17,000 BTU natural gas heater has no complicated venting during installation. It comes with a complete kit which includes a cap, connecting rod, heat shield, air intake pipe, vent pipe, and flashing. If you can’t install it yourself, ensure to call a professional installer. 

Heat input of 570 sq. ft

This heater from Ashley Hearth has 17,000 British Thermal Units (BTU), making it capable of heating a living space of 570 square feet despite the climate or weather particular point in time. It is essential to know and understand the size of your apartment or living space before purchasing a heater in order not to buy an oversized or undersized heater, as this will affect the amount of heat present in the room. An average house is 2,500 sq. ft. therefore, to adequately heat the home, you will need about 4 of these devices.

Propane gas tank

This heater uses propane as fuel to keep it running. Propane is part of the fuel that makes up natural gas, with the others being methane, ethane, and butane. Propane gases are less likely to explode than natural gas and are easier to detect during a leak than natural gas because of their odor. Because of these properties, propane gas is safer than natural gas, and as such, this unique property of the Ashley Hearth 17,000 BTU natural gas heater makes it safer than other heaters that use natural gas.

Sealed burning system

A sealed burning or combustion system is simply a piece of equipment that uses just the air present outside for the combustion or fuel-burning process inside the equipment. The kit makes use of two pipes. One of the pipes brings outside air into the house, while the other pipe takes the air inside the house outside; therefore, the burning process is kept isolated and sealed away from the air inside the home. This unique feature of this heater makes it more efficient than other heaters because it does not make use of the air inside the house that has already been heated and then uses it during the burning process. Therefore, the indoor heated air is not taken into the unit and lost when pushed outdoors.

Matchless piezo lighting: 

Lighting a match when you need to put on your heater can be stressful and unsafe, especially if you have kids. With kids around, it will not be safe to leave a pack of matches lying around. For this reason, the heater comes with a piezo lighter that uses piezoelectricity, an electric charge present in some match-free igniters when they are placed under pressure. While matches will eventually finish, the piezo lighting is made to last for life.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Propane gas is more economical than natural gas
  • It produces high home heating coverage up to 500 square feet.
  • • It’s expensive
  • • A customer said it can be pretty hot


Portable heaters are mainly used when the central heating system present in the house is insufficient or central heating is too expensive to operate or install. Some people are also sensitive to cold, for example, little children and older people; hence, portable heaters can be installed to ensure their maximum comfort. This heater by Ashley Hearth is the best product to use as it runs on propane fuel and not electricity, making it possible to be used even when there is a power outage or during camps.